Inspiring Nutrition Plans

Inspiring Women Nutrition Programmes combine detailed nutrition and personal training. One is Break, and this goes for 14 weeks. The second one is called 6 Month Guarantee – this has a guaranteed up to 10 kg weight loss over this period.

Our fantastic nutrition programs have helped our clients achieve their health and fitness goals.

Here at Inspiring Women we don’t believe in dieting. Most diets give a yo-yo effect, an initial rapid decrease in weight as a result of unrealistic, unsustainable dieting, but because of the unsustainable nature, between ⅓-⅔ of women will quickly revert back to old habits and end up in a worse position that when they started, sound familiar? We know how frustrating this is, and we are on a mission to show women that they can get the results they want through our simple,yet effective formula. We know from over 20 years of helping women achieve their goals, that the best approach is to create a realistic, small changes that fit in well with your lifestyle. Everyone has different lifestyles to fit around, different food preferences, and things that work for them, so we have kept this top of mind when developing our programs.

These programs will help you develop a secure lifestyle in an accountable and supportive way.


Break – Nutrition and Excercise

Our Break program is initially a pretty structured 14 week plan, that gives you a weekly meal plan, shopping list, two personal training sessions per week crafted by our highly skilled trainers to meet your specific goals. Our Break clients come onto the program for all sorts of reasons, as we can tailor it to meet these goals. Break has helped our clients achieve:

  • Healthier lifestyles
  • Appetite control
  • Weight loss
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle gain
  • Fitness and strength
  • Reversing/improving health conditions eg: Diabetes, Arthritis
  • Effective training to compete in a specific event

Six Month Guarantee

The 6th Month Guarantee program is slightly less structured than the Break Program, so will suit you if you want slightly more flexibility, or is a good stepping stone if you have done another program in the past. The first four weeks you will meet with a trainer on a weekly basis for a one on one personal trainer session that is tailored to your goals. The good thing is all of your sessions are written down in your own book so when you come back in by yourself you can do them on your own. In these sessions you will also receive nutrition education, a weekly weigh in, and come away with a meal plan and shopping list for the week. After the first four weeks, you will meet the trainer for a weekly weigh and nutrition check in, and every month thereafter you will get a one hour personal training session.

We believe in this program so much that we offer a guarantee. In your first session the trainer will set a reasonable weight loss goal with you. At the end of the 6 months if you have followed the requirements of the program and have not achieved your goal, the next 6 months of your gym membership is on us!

For more information about our fitness and nutrition plans, please contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions about out Break and 6 Month Guarantee Programmes

What is the benefit of me coming onto a program?

Did you know that your success depends on 70% nutrition, 30% exercise. Getting a sustainable nutrition plan, and learning how to effectively work your body is crucial to your success! Whatever your goal is, we will help you get there and more!

I cook for other people too, how will it work now that I am on a nutrition program?

Our meal plans achieve a healthy balance, and are designed in accordance with NZ health guidelines, your family too can enjoy the main meals off the plan, the only thing you’ll need to change is the portion size to suit.

Will I get Hungry?

The Programs will give you far greater appetite control, we stay away from the conventional calorie counting, let’s face it, if you are hungry, it is difficult to stick to an eating plan. We have evidence based tactics throughout the plans such as the slightly higher protein content, compared to a conventional diet which will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

What will my shopping list look like?

Our meal plans are mostly designed around every day foods that would appear on a typical weekly shopping list. It will help you with portion size and meal balance.Regardless of your goal, everyone who comes onto our nutrition plans will be guaranteed a healthy diet that give you all of the essential protein, fats, fruits and vegetables and carbohydrates required for health.

What happens after the program?

Our ultimate goal is to set you up with the right knowledge, and motivation so that when you finish the 14 week program you are well equipped to maintain your goal, and a happier and healthier lifestyle. Some ladies love the structure and accountability of our programs with the personal training sessions so they will permanently stay on the programs, we have new meal plans for these ladies to keep things interesting.

What have some of our ladies achieved on these programs?

  • Reversing/improving diabetes and arthritis
  • Setting up a foundation to compete in Body Building
  • Mum’s gaining strength and fitness to keep up with their young kiddies
  • Dropping from size 18 clothes to size 12
  • Training to complete first half marathon
  • Exceeding expectations all round!

I have allergies, or have certain food preferences eg: Vegetarianism, how will the Break Program or 6 month Guarantee cater for this?

Regardless of whether you are gluten free, dairy free, have a nut allergy, are a vegetarian, vegan, or simply just don’t like certain foods, we can make it work for you. Our trainers are highly skilled and have a wide range of knowledge of good food so will be able to adapt our meal plans to suit you allergies and preferences, to ensure you are still getting the adequate amount of macro and micro nutrients to achieve your goals, and of course good health.