It can be quite hard to get protein into all of our meals and snacks as high sources of protein are generally meat and animal products. Protein powder is an easy way to get protein in without having to worry about preparing meat etc.

Protein is important for many reasons including:

  • It is the main constituent of most cells (protein makes up more than 50% of the weight of most cells)
  • Protein is used to produce new tissues and repair tissues
  • It regulates and maintains body functions
  • Enzymes used for digestion, protection, and immunity are made of protein
  • Essential hormones used for body regulation require protein
  • Protein may be used as a source of energy when carbs are not available
  • Helps with the formation of muscles, hair, nails, skin, and organs such as the heart

We can educate you at Inspiring Women, on ways to get protein powder into your diet.

Here are two delicious recipes that include protein powder, and they only take 5 minutes to prepare:

Blueberry Choc Bliss Balls (click here for the recipe)

Banana Berry Smoothie (click here for the recipe)